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Over Indebted..?

We can help you to protect your assets, reduce your monthly payments into one affordable amount and stop credit harassment.

Who We Are

SA Debt Counsellors is one of the first registered Debt Counsellors in South Africa. Backed up by decades of experience, SA Debt Counsellors is the leading debt counselling company to assist you in all your credit needs.

Based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, our operations expand throughout South Africa, assisting consumers who are having difficulty meeting their financial obligations.

What does SA Debt Counsellors do?

SA Debt Counsellors negotiate directly with all credit providers to reduce the clients monthly repayments until normal payments can be resumed or full debt is repaid.

What are the Advantages of Debt Review ?

Asset Safety

Immediate protection to your assets, including your house and car.


Affordable repayment taking away the stress of dealing with multiple creditors.

Stress Free Repayment

The ability to resume normal repayments as soon as it is affordable.

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